Phone support system

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There are two types of well-known technology, Cisco and Astrak, which Cisco is often used for large organizations with more than 500 users due to enterprise capabilities.

But Stereotypy’s system is an open source telephony system and today many developers have worked hard on it and are still developing and expanding. Among them, Free PBX, Elastix, Trixbox and … With the introduction of the Web base user interface, they also make it easy to work on the phone system to the level of ordinary computer users.

With the help of an experienced and experienced team, Kavian Communications Age Company has been able to offer its clients a variety of quality solutions that include:

– Advice: Briefing sessions with customers to select the best equipment and solutions for the various telephony systems.

– Design: Design and Provide a Telephone System Plan for Companies and Organizations in order to better implement sound transmissions in various network environments, especially LAN and WAN.

– Supply of equipment: Providing the necessary equipment for telephone systems in reputable and high-quality brands of the world, including IP PBX servers, IP phones, gates, Cisco VOIP Cisco cards and modules, switches and …

– Implementation, implementation, maintenance and support: Install and implement integrated telephone systems for organizations and companies, develop and upgrade existing telephone systems and troubleshootin their problems, as well as contract maintenance and support for integrated telephone systems of organizations and companies. The service provider is Kawian’s age-old communications company in the field of integrated and networked telephone systems.

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